Archaeological Data

Open datasets relating to agro-pastoral subsistence and culture IN EURASIA

Southwest Asia

Wadi Hasa Ancient Pastoralism Project, Data Archive

By Isaac I. Ullah

These are data files related to older surveys done in the Wadi al-Hasa region of central Jordan. They have been spatially corrected, and there are some new data too. Covers paleolithic through modern.

Hazor: Zooarchaeology

By Justin Lev-Tov

Zooarchaeological observations for Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Hazor, Israel.

Khirbat al-Mudayna al-Aliya

By Bruce Routledge, Benjamin Porter

Investigations of an Early Iron Age site in a semi-arid zone in west-central Jordan.

Faunal Data from Al-Wu’ayra Fortress, Petra Valley, Jordan

By Chiara A Corbino, Paul Mazza

Animal bones dating to the 12th century CE, collected during the 1993 excavations in the military garrison.


Zingeyka River Valley Settlement Dataset

By Denis V. Sharapov

These are data detailed information about artifacts recovered from a systematic full-coverage survey carried out in the Zingeyka Valley of the Southern Ural Steppes, Russia.

Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology

By David Orton, Nerissa Russell, Katheryn Twiss, Louise Martin, Sheelagh Frame.

Faunal data from Neolithic Çatalhöyük and Chalcolithic Çatalhöyük West, Konya, Turkey.

Pınarbaşı 1994: Animal Bones

By Denise Carruthers.

Analysis of faunal remains from prehistoric contexts at Pınarbaşı in central Turkey.

Erbaba Höyük and Suberde Zooarchaeology

By Benjamin S. Arbuckle.

Faunal data from Erbaba Höyük, Turkey, supplemented by additional data from Suberde.

Köşk Höyük Faunal Data

By Benjamin S. Arbuckle.

Faunal data from the site of Köşk Höyük, Turkey, recorded between 2004-2011 in the excavation field house and the Niğde Museum.

Çukuriçi Höyük Zooarchaeology

By Alfred Galik.

Zooarchaeology of Late Neolithic - Early Bronze Age Çukuriçi Höyük, Turkey.

Digital Companion to "A Preliminary Analysis of the Iron Age III Faunal Remains from Tell Ta'yinat, Turkey (Ancient Kunulua)"

By David R Lipovich.

Content related to a chapter in "The Wide Lens in Archaeology: Honoring Brian Hesse's Contributions to Anthropological Archaeology."

Cyprus and Aegean

Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project I: Pedestrian Survey

ByWilliam R. Caraher, R. Scott Moore, David K. Pettegrew.

Pedestrian survey near Pyla, on the southern coast of Cyprus.

Mediterranean Europe

Northern Europe

Biometrical Database of European Aurochs and Domestic Cattle

By Elizabeth Wright, Sarah Viner-Daniels, Umberto Albarella, Martin Street, Daniel Makowiecki, Karlheinz Steppan, Jean-Phillipe Brugal

Bos primigenius and Bos taurus biometrical and ageing data from a number of European sites dating from the Middle Pleistocene to the Medieval period.

South Asia

South East Asia

Central Eurasia

Pavlinovo Dataset

by Bryan K. Hanks

Human-Animal Relationships in the Eurasian Steppe Iron Age.

Talgar Alluvial Fan Dataset

by Claudia Chang and Perry A. Tourtellotte

Settlement study of Iron Age Talgar Alluvial Fan, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan.


by Isaac I. Ullah, Claudia Chang, and Perry A. Tourtellotte

Geoarchaeological research for the Kazakh-American Archaeological Expedition (Bronze and Iron Age).


East Asia

Cross Cultural Data

Cross cultural data for multivariate analysis of subsistence strategies

By Isaac I. Ullah

These are ethnographic datasets of human subsistence, mobility, demographic, and environmental variables for the 186 cultures of the Standard Cross Cultural Sample.

You may also contact Isaac I. Ullah or Andreas Angourakis by e-mail if you would like to add a dataset to this list.