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2019 SAA sessions:

Agro-pastoral Adaptations to Holocene Climate Change in the Greater Near East.

Thursday, April 11, 6-8pm

Room: 27 Picuris

“Agro-pastoralism,” a mixture of agricultural and pastoral subsistence, has been a major aspect of social evolution especially in the Near East including Eurasia. This lightning round forum aims to bring together researchers from diverse fields that focus on agro-pastoral adaptations to changes in the Holocene, including but not limited to major episodes of climate change. By organizing this session, we intend to discuss how Old World agro-pastoralist societies might have perceived and reacted to climate change, what types of responses were successful or unsuccessful at weathering climate change, and how agropastoralist land-use patterns impacted the environment and fed back into the challenges of climate change. We aim to integrate both methodological and theoretical perspectives in order to disentangle the complex and dynamic nature of human-environment interactions in the region. We will take advantage of the lightning round format to stimulate a broad discussion of these topics by scholars from diverse fields. We hope to make headway towards a holistic understanding of the unique requirements of an agropastoralist lifeway under different conditions. The presentations and following discussion in this session will allow us to explore the adaptive capacity and resilience of the agro-pastoralist lifeway at times of climatic and environmental instability.